Class of 2009 Star Awards

The class of 2009 celebrated their graduation at the Grand Hyatt Hotel
in Amman. During the Gala a number of students were recognized
for their achievements during the academic year by being awarded the
NYIT Star award of their accomplishments. The Gala was attended by
Dr. Mohammad Hussein (Executive Chairman of NYIT in the Middle
East) and Dr. Linda Davila (NYIT Board of Trustees Chairperson).

The Star Award was given to:

Loay Maharmeh (Leadership Star Award SLO President 08/08)

Ali El-Zubi (Athletic Star Award – Basketball Team Captain)

Nabil Abu Hamdan (Artistic Star Award – NYIT Talent Show Organization)

Hanaa Babieh (Artistic Star Award – Black Iris Festival Designs)

Elias Saeed (Community OutReach Award – Community Out-Reach President)

Smaah Khirfan (Community OutReach Award – Community Out-Reach Excellence 2007)


NYIT 2010 Talent Show

Decades of the Runway Fashion Show

The New York Institute of Technology in Amman held its third annual Talent Show on Wednesday the 28th of April at the NYIT Undergraduate Campus. The Show which started at 7:00 p.m at ended at 10:00 featured a total of 21 performers, and approximatley 600 people in the audience.

The Judges

The Talent Show was held in the soccer field of the undergraduate campus between the hours of 7:00 – 10:15 p.m, and the soccer game between Barcelona and InterMilan was also show cased outdoors near building A between 9:45 p.m – 11:30 p.m.

A total of 21 talents were showcased on stage the night of the talent show, by different performers from a variety of schools and universities. Performances were judges by Ms. Gabriella Malos from One Agency and Mr. Greg Dukeson from Radio Energy 99.7 FM, both of which voiced their opinions through constructive criticism to the performers. The Masters of Commencement for the Talent Show were students Ahmad Habash and Nicola Abou.

Lil Zu3bi

The warm up of the show was by DJ Raja ya Raja, followed by opening acts by Abdullah Queishat who performed national songs, and Ahmad Habash who brought tears to the audiences eyes with his impersonation of “Al-Limby”.
Performers included a rock band “Dragon Rider” performers from local high schools who sang at the show, Rabie Haddad (Beat Boxer) , Elie Nemeh (Rapper) (College de la Salle), Diala Quqa (Singer) (Amman Academy), Melissa Abiad (Singer) (Lady of Nazerth College). Amanda Hamati (Singer), Oudai Tillawi (Beat Boxer) (Modern Montessori School) along side NYIT’s own students Hana Babieh and her team of models who portrayed a fashion show of different era’s, Mohammad Hammad who recited a poem, Leila Owaynat who performed an amazing Hip-Hop routine, Hussam Al Zubi (aka Lil Zu3bi), BIG Moe, Ali Al-Zubi and Ahmad Shraim who put together an amazing rap show, or should we say, set high rap standards for performers and the audience, and Mohammad Masoud and his band who dazzled the audience with their juggling skills. Performers also included Thaer Musleh (Beat boxer) , Arab MC’s (Rappers), Mohammad Bashiti (Martial Arts Show) Nadine Zureiqat, Ali Abdulhadi and Hala Desqui (singers.)

NYIT Holds 6th Annual Job Fair for Undergraduate, Graduate and Alumni Students


The New York Institute of Technology in Amman held it’s 6th annual Spring Job fair at the NYIT Undergraduate Campus on the 20th of April from 10:00 a.m-3:00 p.m.

Job Seekers attended the job fair by handing out copies of their resumes to company representatives and some even managed to have short one-on-one interviews. Candidates had the opportunity to meet with the recruiters from local and international firms during the job fair, those firms included:

1. OneAgency

2. IntraCom

3. Green Hat

4. Akhtaboot

5. E-Media

6. Wheels Express

Sims Creation

7. Abu Khader Automotive

8. Sanaya

9. Capital Bank

10. Crystel Call

11. SADDA Advertising

12. Sharqiyat

13. Nestle

14. Sims Creation

15. Standard Chartered Bank

Royal Jordanian

16. Oyster Planners

17. Royal Jordanian

18. Sims Events

19. Ask Arabia

20. Idiom Events

21. Arab Medical Organizers

22. PAP [Pan Arab Publishing Company]

23. Fitness First

24. Dot.Jo

25. Mazaya Recruitment

The job fair has sparked the interest of graduating students and alumni students and has become one of the most anticipated events of the academic year at NYIT.

SLO Members support the UNWFP

The Student Life Organization (SLO) have volunteered their time during Spring to assist the World Food Programme  during the UNWFP Fundraising Gala Dinner held at the landmark hotel on the 31st of March 2010.

The United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) gala dinner which was managed by One Agency aims at raising funds through local donors, in order to support UNWFP’s local projects, namely, the school feeding program, run by the Ministry of Education.

Whilst enjoying an exquisite dinner, attendees enjoyed  3 hours of extraordinary entertainment performances, which included:
A musical performance of the “Phantom of Opera”, a fashion show by the designer Nour Shurdum, kids fashion show, Salsa performance by professional ball room dancers, and much more.
Students Khaled A. Alisis, Malak T. Aburiziq, Dunia S. Hindieh, Mohammad B. AlMasri and Mohammad S. B. Shoubaki all received letters of recommendation from the United Nations World Food Programme thanking them for their efforts as ushers and support at the Gala Dinner.

Women’s History Panel

NYiT, welcomed journalists Rana Husseini (Journalist and activist for women’s rights) and Rana Swies (founder of the WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE in Jordan) to the NYIT Undergraduate Campus to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The women’s history panel began with a presentation from Professor Jacqueline Taylor Basker who introduced the speakers, and began by showing a few slides of women’s art from the Jordan Festival of Arts, which added a strong visual introduction to the speakers.

During their visit Rana Husseini spoke about the situation for women in Jordan based upon her book “Murder in the name of honor” and her re-search. Rana Swies spoke about her women’s leadership group which is based in Amman, which discusses improving women’s life in Jordan through NGO’s and other programs. Both speakers also welcomed questions in an open discussion from NYIT Students as well as students from the Ahliyyah School for Girls (ASG) who where visiting the NYIT Campus as well.

NYiT celebrates Mother’s Day with Mothers of Cancer Patients

As part of the activities of the SIWAR Volunteering Program of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, New York Institute of Technology in Amman Celebrated Mothers day on Monday the 22nd  of March at the NYiT Undergraduate Campus by inviting mothers from KHCF whose children have been touched with Cancer. The luncheon which has welcomed 25 women on campus, was held outdoors, where the mothers enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with a catering service and one-on-one small talks with the NYIT students.
“At NYIT we deeply believe that cancer doesn’t only begin and end with detection and chemotherapy, the humane side of our institute is the psychological side of the patient, which is why we are pleased to host this mother’s day luncheon annually, to remind those patients or mothers of patients that we are there to hold their hand every step of the way, as brother, sisters, and family.” says Dr. Mohammad Hussein, Executive Chairman of the Middle East.
It is worth mentioning that SIWAR Volunteering Program seeks to engage members of the community in the fight against cancer to assist the King Hussein Cancer Center in its life-saving work by providing practical, emotional and social support for cancer patients and their families. The Program also aims to increase public awareness about cancer and to create a “philosophy of giving” by promoting volunteering as a powerful force of change for volunteers themselves and for the community.

NYIT Community Service Projects: Traffic Awareness


A large part of community service is giving part of yourself to other people and putting their larger needs in front of your smaller ones.
Why volunteer?
– Develop leadership skills
– Strengthen interpersonal skills
– Meet new people and build long-lasting relationships
– Help make a positive difference in the community
– Gain valuable resume experience
– Further a cause that is important to you
– Work with a diverse group of people
– Gain life perspective
– Explore community issues that are important to you
– Give back to the community that supports you
– Feel great about your contributions
– Have fun!

Project 1: Traffic Awareness

Traffic safety involves a shared responsibility on a variety of issues. Much more than following the speed limit, traffic safety includes attention to a variety of topics and settings. Traffic safety does include obeying laws on the highways, for automobiles, trucks and other vehicles. It also includes attention to pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds and other forms of transportation. The Traffic Awareness team members at NYIT Jordan are part of the Student Marketing Team (SMT) who believes in promoting a safer Jordan for children, teenagers, the elderly and the general society.
The Traffic Awareness Program consists of four consecutive weeks which can be arranged according to the high school’s timing preferences and the SMT’s schedule of classes. It is approached via social marketing – meaning that the SMT teaches students the basics of traffic awareness and the basics for creating a campaign to raise awareness on traffic knowledge and safety. The result of this project is to raise consciousness and teach high school seniors the importance of traffic awareness so they could influence younger students at their school as well as the community on the importance of practicing traffic safety.
Week 1: Focuses on the proper ways of crossing the street, using a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian crossing tunnels and traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. As well as introducing the basic marketing tools, the marketing mix and creating a social marketing campaign.
Week 2: Focuses on young people and road safety. It includes riding the bicycle, rules of the road, side walks vs. street riding, motor transportation, school transportation and the adventure of going to school on foot. It also introduces an advanced level of performing a social marketing campaign.
Week 3: Focuses on young people and driving – the proper way of applying for a driver’s license and the dangers of joy rides. It also introduces branding as a marketing concept.
Week 4: Focuses on scooters, motorcycles, licensing, and safety. It concludes the keys to building a successful marketing campaign.
Success Story: NYIT has carried out a Traffic Awareness program at Cambridge High School in fall of 2009. Seniors at Cambridge High School have adopted a school at the Baqaa Refugee camp and will be getting support from NYIT in installing computers there. They will then start their own traffic awareness campaign at the public school in Baqaa to help promoting traffic safety.